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Velké Pavlovice

27_Velke_Pavlovice.jpg The village of Velké Pavlovice and its surroundings are unique in our country thanks to prevailing blue varieties benefiting from local south-open positions. The Frank and St. Lawrence wines grow extremely well here.


The cellar alley

Several new varieties of grape wine were bread in Velké Pavlovice – the most popular one of them is André. Apricots are another typical local product, together with grapes. The main Moravian Wine Track passes through Velké Pavlovice between Hustopeče and Blue Mountains, crossing the circuit wine track Krajem André and the town cadastre as well as the Blue Mountains micro region wine track.

The time of cellars building in Velké Pavlovice is confirmed by the document called Purkrechtní registra from 1594, mentioning „preshause“, i.e. press rooms / press houses. Wine was also stored in the municipal storehouse of 1780, an exceptionally valuable Baroque building. As from the 19th century, private cellars were built in the village part Pod Starou horou, in the streets V chalupách, V údolí, Na táboře, Trávníky, Zelnice. The folk architecture monument is the press house No. 154 in the street V Údolí and press house No. 115 in the Ořechová street. It is a one-floor building of stone and brick from the 20´s of the 19th century.


To the west from the square, in the village part called Zelnice, you can see some 25 cellars on one side of the road. These are generally one-floor press houses, frequently insensitively treated and brisolite rendered.

A new tourist  point is the cellar lane called Pod Starou horou, including modern full-colour houses with archive cellars. The architecture of new cellars is called „la gaudiwasser“- i.e. drunk cellars.


Wine connoisseur and lover, the poet Jan Skácel called the place “blessed country, where the Jesus was walking”.

Further information:

Association of wine growers and makers Víno z Velkých Pavlovic – www.vinozvelkychpavlovic.cz

Municipality of Velké Pavlovice – www.velke-pavlovice.cz


Krajem vína - Expedice Krajem André 23.6.-23.6.2018 ( 23.06.2018 )
Letní otevřené sklepy 30.4.-30.9.2018 ( 30.04.2018 - 30.09.2018 )
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