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Brno, the Wine Town – a Gate to the Wine Region

Brno is the entry gate to the traditional wine region of Moravia. The culture of wine production is – together with natural and historical points of interest – one of the main attractions for the visitors to this location.

As proved by many historical sources, the importance of wine making and wine growing was significant for the Brno town as early as in the 13th century, when vineyards quickly spread in the whole Moravia and Brno citizens owned vineyards not only in Brno and its surroundings, but also in Židlochovice, Hustopeče, Mikulov and Znojmo. The citizens were really interested in wine market protection. As proved by the statement of King John of Luxemburg dated 5. 4. 1325, from vintage up to the Easters, only wine of Brno citizens can be served in Brno. That is why wine tasters were appointed in Brno, establishing wine origin at the moment of bringing the wine through the town gates. They allowed only Moravian wines to enter and they immediately set the price for which the wine may be served. Before the 30-year war, vineyards were even on the slopes under the Špilberk castle. The oldest reports on vineyards at Špilberk date back to the 14th century and many Baroque vedutes of the town show southern slopes of the Špilberk hill covered with vineyards.

In the past, many secular and church institutions and their structures were connected with vineyards ownership  in Brno and in many surrounding  villages and towns. Wine manufacturers from the whole Moravia used the Brno wine market and they supplied their products to wine pubs, wine rooms, wine shops and coffee shops. There was a significant volume of trade in wine in Brno, by and between the wholesalers and retailers and an extensive network of wine pubs and wine shops in Brno streets. The town gradually developed and the vineyards disappeared and so there gradually disappeared the business activities and as the modern forms of entertainment and culture development, there started to disappear the genius loci of Brno as a wine centre. Many cellar premises serve as restaurants, wine shops, etc. nowadays.

So no doubts that in the territory of Brno in the past

  • there were extensive areas of vineyards,
  • there was extensive wine production in many wine shops,
  • there existed extensive cellar premises primarily used for production, storage and trade in wine,
  • wine was consumed and used fro celebrations on usual and very extensive basis.

The aim of the web presentation is to discover the half-forgotten face of Brno town and to follow the steps of Moravian wines in the town:

Labyrinth under the Zelný Market (Zelný trh)

Zelný trh is one of the oldest well-preserved squares in Brno. It was mentioned for the first time under the name Horní trh at the beginning of the 13 th century. The current name dates back to the 15 th century. It has always been a busy place, living with everyday trade.


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