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Labyrinth under the Zelný Market (Zelný trh)

Zelný trh is one of the oldest well-preserved squares in Brno. It was mentioned for the first time under the name Horní trh at the beginning of the 13 th century. The current name dates back to the 15 th century. It has always been a busy place, living with everyday trade.

The local cellars were built under the individual houses from medieval ages up to modern period – most of them were built in the Baroque period. They served mainly for food storage, beer and wine aging in casks as well as a hiding place in war periods. But first of all, they served as background for market men in Zelný trh, the market being in operation for more than 700 years.

Originally, the cellars were not interconnected. We did not know about many of them for centuries, they were discovered as late as during recent research of Brno underground. So as it is possible for the municipality to make the unique architectonic monument accessible, it was necessary to perform static fixation and to arrange protection against destruction in this way.
In 2009, there was performed a complex construction adjustment of the cellars, allowing their modern use. The cellars were connected into one unit at that time. In this way there was created a unique system of historical vaults and corridors called Labyrinth under the Zelný Market / Labyrint pod Zelným trhem.

Labyrinth under the Zelný Market consists of two independent units. The part designed for social and cultural events can be found in the lower part of the square, in the direction of the Reduta Theatre. In the tourist part, Brno history comes back to life thanks to guides dressed in period costumes. The route goes below the square up to Malý Špalíček and it is 6–8 metres under the street surface.

In the tourist part of the labyrinth, the visitors may get an idea of the use of cellars at their building times. They will get to know how food was kept there at the time, when cellars replaced refrigerators: beer and wine casks are placed on oak grates, together with food in different vessels and sacks. The visitors will also get information on development of various lighting systems used underground – from the first torches through chips of wood up to tallow candles and kerosene lamps. The exposition is completed with daily-use objects found in the course of archaeological research of Zelný trh.

The sightseeing includes even an alchemistic laboratory commemorating popular doctors, pharmacists and physicists, working in Brno and making the town popular all over Europe. The local wine making tradition is documented by an old wine cellar and a historical pub. The dark sides of life in old times are documented by a replica of the town pillory and the cage of lunatics, which used to be placed in the market place in the 17th century. And finally, visiting the jail we will get to know what was the destiny of unfair craftsmen, buyers and traders.

Labyrint pod Zelným trhem

Zelný trh 21
Brno 602 00
tel.: +420 542 212 892
fax: +420 542 427 155

Open Tuesday - Sunday 9- 18.

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