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Velké Pavlovice Wine Region

The fertile plains of central part of the Moravia wine region, stretching from Brno to Břeclav, are one of the hottest and most sunny points of the Czech Republic. Thanks to ideal position, favourable climatic and soil conditions the wine was grown here as soon as in the Great Moravian era. The region is a heart of red wine growing in Moravia, mainly such varieties as Frank and Blue Portugal varieties.

The history of cellars in Čejkovice is connected with the arrival of secret order of Temple knights in the 13th century.The local extensive wine cellars have no analogy in our territory. Velké Bílovice is the largest wine village in the Czech Republic. There are more than 650 wine cellars, the largest ones being the Haban cellars. You can visit so called Blue Hills - Velké Pavlovice, Bořetice, Vrbice, Kobylí and Němčičky – to enjoy wine, relax and entertainment.

In wine villages of the Velké Pavlovice region you can find many cellar lanes with various cellars – from the historical ones up to the modern architecture. So called TOP cellar lane in the area can be found in the village of Bořetice, in the popular rag Free Republic of Kraví hora. As from June 2013 you will have a chance to visit the exhibition exposition directly in a wine cellar.

The cellar alley

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The village of Bořetice can be found in the ups and downs at the foothills of Ždánický les. Kraví hory are the most popular location – the hills of fertile vineyards go up...

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The first records of the village are connected with the knight order of Templars. In the mid of the 13th century, the Templars built a Gothic fortress and...

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An important wine village Rakvice can be found on former amber track, at the edge of the Dyje River alluvium. Large areas of vineyards can be found mainly in east and north...

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Velké Bílovice

Velké Bílovice is the largest wine village in the Czech Republic. The vineyards occupy some 800 hectares there. In the direction of Čejkovice you can find an extensive...

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The arrivers will be attracted by the village just from the distance – thanks to its position on the hill, with an impressive church of John the Baptist. Broken terrain and...

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Just in the medieval era, Hustopeče was popular thanks to its wine culture developed at the time of German colonists arrival in the 13th century. Together with...

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Kobylí is placed in a picturesque and downy countryside. The well-treated slopes produce mainly grapes, apricots and peaches. Kobylí is the fourth largest village of the wine...

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Velké Pavlovice

The village of Velké Pavlovice and its surroundings are unique in our country thanks to prevailing blue varieties benefiting from local south-open positions. The Frank and...

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Vrbice ranks among leading wine villages in Moravia for ages. The local natural conditions are ideal for wine growing.


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