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Wine Across the Centuries

vino napric staletimi_3.jpg The new wine exposition in the Regional Museum in Mikulov, with unusual art conception, summarises the history and development of wine growing and wine making in our area in the context of European history. The atmosphere full of wine and history is supported by sensitive lighting and composed period music.

The premises are newly reconstructed, never accessible for the public before – these are former Baroque castle stables, offering to visitors views of different periods and countries, where wine took its irreplaceable position.  So the exposition presents for example a Roman cellar, a Gothic chapel, Renaissance labyrinth or Baroque theatre, always providing comprehensible and image-rich processed information.Several film projections will provide the visitor with information on boom of wine growing and making in individual historical periods.

A nice variety is the final projection of a ride through the current cycling wine track – the visitors may enjoy the trip if really pedalling the installed bicycle. The exhibited objects include valuable originals from Moravia and Bohemia as well as excellent replicas of various collection objects connected with the wine topic. The oldest exhibit is the 18 million years old imprint of Teuton wine, for the very first time lent on long-term basis by the National Museum in Prague. The authors of the exhibition kept children and handicapped visitors in mind and so there are various interactive and touch elements. The exhibition premises are barrier-free.



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