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Znojmo Wine Region

The full-of-taste and aromatic wines of the Znojmo region are based on long-term, viticulture tradition, specific natural conditions as well as talent and cleverness of local wine makers and wine growers. There was a significant development of viticulture in late Medieval Ages, when rich Znojmo citizens established vineyards and trade in wine brought richness and privileges to the town. The Znojmo region is the area of white aromatic wines, the main varieties including Green Veltline and Müller Thurgau, Sauvignon or Rhine Riesling.

For ages, the town of Znojmo has been the wine centre of the sub-region, which is proved by a labyrinth of wine cellar corridors directly below the town, accessible for tourists for the whole year. The local monastery of Premonstrates in Louka was a centre of economic and spiritual life in Znojmo region for centuries. At the present time it offers its visitors the possibility of seeing exhibitions on viticulture topics and tasting wine directly in monastery cellars.

In wine villages of the Znojmo region you can find many cellar lanes with various cellars, frequently dug in sand stone. An interesting rarity is the Painted Cellar in Šatov. So called TOP cellar lane in this area can be found in Nový Šaldorf – Sedlešovice. As from June 2013 you will have a chance to visit the exhibition exposition directly in a wine cellar there.

The cellar alley

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Nový Šaldorf-Sedlešovice

When arriving to Nový Šaldorf - Sedlešovice, you visit three villages in fact: Starý Šaldorf, Nový Šaldorf and Sedlešovice. All the villages – nowadays being a part of one...

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Šatov is a village betrothed to wine. Six wine routes cover the area of 260 hectares; Green Veltline and Rhine Riesling prosper mainly in the locations Na vinici, V remízku,...

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The village can be found 10 km to the south of Znojmo, close to the state border with Austria. In the surroundings of the village, you can find the Natural Park Podyjí and...

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Just for more than three hundred years, the popular village of Vrbovec close to Znojmo is surrounded with vineyards. There is an attractive or even exotic cellar lane for...


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