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Municipality Hlohovec

Title: Municipality Hlohovec
Description: Hlohovec (German: Bischofswarth) is a village in Břeclav District, South Moravian Region, Czech Republic. It has a population of 1,297 (2008). On the area of Hlohovec, there is a group of Lednice ponds (Nesyt, Hlohovec´ pond, Middle pond). For the protection of nesting and drawing birds, there is a national nature reservation with the same name (Lednice ponds). On the west from the municipality you can see tertiary calcites (Old mountain) where a remarkable rest of steppe grass survived. Southeastern part of the municipality land intervenes to the area of Boří les. Part of the forest, namely in the surroundings of the pond, was adjusted to a park and exotic woods were planted here. The village lying near Valtice is in papers mentioned in 1414 for the first time. It was founded in the 13th century as a colonial village by Passau bishopric. From this fact is derived its German name - Bishofswarth, it means bishop guard because the original Moravian-Austrian border went through its cadaster. This border is evoked by classicism Border Chateau built in 1826 where we can read a notice "Between Austria and Moravia" in the front where the real border went till 1920. After a big reconstruction ended in 1996, a nice restaurant is located here. From its terrace you can see the Hlohovec´pond with protected birds. The pond is a part of national nature reservation Lednice ponds existing from 1953. The municipality belonged to the Valtice District till 1848 when patrimonial control was abolished. From 1850 it belonged administratively to Justice District Valtice and political district Poysdorf. After annexation to Czechoslovak Republic in 1920, it belonged to the Justice District Břeclav.
E-mail: hlohovec@bv_anet_cz
Web URL: www.hlohovec.cz
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Address: 691 43 Hlohovec 75
GPS: 48°46'28.949"N 16°45'51.765"E
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