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Open Cellar Lanes tell the Stories

Title: Open Cellar Lanes tell the Stories
Description: Have you already discovered the special and beautiful places in the end of villages of South Moravia, where foxes wish you good night, where lines of vineyards go down the hills up to the cellar lanes and where a bench and a table wait for you at a gate that seems to lead nowhere? Have you experienced the beautiful atmosphere in our wine-growing region, when it is getting dark while you walk along the wine cellars and you can hear glass clinking or friendly speech or singing from partially open doors? So, welcome to the wine lanes. These are the places, where Moravian wine makers try to turn sun, soil and grapes into tasty wine for centuries. You can find approximately one hundred cellar lanes in Moravia. Some of them even create cellar complexes with hundreds of buildings. Their genius loci, permanently increasing quality of produced wine and hospitality of local people attract thousands of visitors. They are welcome and the cellars open to them. We have selected the most interesting items from the rich offer of the cellar lanes and events in the wine region of Moravia for you. So accept our invitation and come for a walk in the vineyards, to greet the hard-working wine growers and wine makers or just come to see the cellars – many of them have not changed for centuries. It seems for the time to stop here. And it really stops, as the wine makers say: A day spent in a wine cellar is not counted in your life. So which wine do you prefer?
E-mail: info@ccrjm_cz
Web URL: www.sklepni-ulicky.cz
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Phone: +420 542 210 088
GPS: 49°11'34.98"N 16°36'31.31"E
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