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The Border Chateau Hlohovec

Title: The Border Chateau Hlohovec
Description: The Classicist Border Chateau was built by Joseph Poppelack in 1826 - 1827 on the west bank of the Hlohovec Pond. Originally, the land border between Moravia and Austria passed exactly through the center of the hall of the chateau. On the long ground floor there are three atria, roofed by a terrace. The inscription on the parapet above the main eaves reads "Zwischen Österreich und Mähren" (Between Austria and Moravia)
E-mail: info@hranicnizamecek_cz
Web URL: www.lva.cz; www.hranicnizamecek.cz
Contact person: Jan Kašník
Phone: +420 519 354 353
Phone: +420 519 354 354
Fax: +420 519 354 353
Address: Hlohovec u Břeclavi 16, 691 43 Hlohovec
GPS: 48°46'49.173"N 16°45'28.304"E
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