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New project about wine cellars is  financed  from  the  EU programme  Territorial  Co-Operation Austria  –  Czech  Republic  2007–2013,  with  the  participation  of  the Tourist Authority South Moravia and Weinviertel Tourismus.

The aim of the project "Opened wine cellars are telling stories" is a higher utilization of the potential of the tourism in the South Moravia, the development of wine cellar lanes and their active involvement in the touristic offer in the region. A new product Brno, a city of wine, will be created under the project. Brno will be presented as a gateway to the wine-growing region and a new supply of a regional gastronomy will be offered. A new touristic programme with a connection to the Land exhibition 2013 and to the wine-growing character of the region of the South Moravia and Weinviertel will be created as well thanks to the project. The main topic of the Lower Austria land exhibition is „bread and wine „which will be presented not only in Poysdorf and Asparn an der Zaya but also in the caste Mikulov.

First of all the project team will focus on the product of wine cellar lanes which will be presented by a web page and publications. So called sample wine cellar lanes will be chosen (1 for each subregion) and trained guides will be guiding in these lanes. As a part of the accompanying program of la 2013 there will be 4 exhibitions held in the lanes and one omnibus exhibition in Loucký monastery in Znojmo.  Product Brno, a city of wine - a gateway to the wine-growing region will be presented on a web page, by means of printed materials etc., unique presentation of the region will be enabled by Wine festival in Brno in 2014. Regional products and gastronomy combined with wine, commemorative objects and thematic cook books for the visitors of the festival will be used for the presentation of the region. All the marketing activities, which will make use of all information channels, will ensure awareness of both specialist and non-professional public about the created products and the wine-growing area Moravia respectively in the Czech republic and abroad as well (Brussels, Austria).


Tourist Authority South Moravia

Radnická 2
602 00 Brno

Tel.: +420 542 210 088
E-mail.: info@ccrjm_cz

Mgr. Zuzana Vojtová, Direktor


Monika Hlávková, Project Manager




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