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Cellar lanes in Weinviertel

_11C7370.JPG More than 1100 cellar lanes can be found in the partner region Weinviertel. Some of them include just a few press houses, while others are as large as a village. The purpose of their use for storage of wine and other grown products is rather limited, but they remain to be the place of meetings of wine makers and wine lovers to taste e.g. popular Green Veltline. Organised conducted tours in cellar lanes and other events are held for visitors in many locations.

Four cellar lanes in Weinviertel will be performed based on a staging as sample cellar lanes. These are the cellar lanes in Falkenstein and Kronberg and also Kellergstetten and Radyweg in Poysdorf. There will be an info point in the form of a wine cask in each of the four cellar lanes, providing information about the project, the relevant cellar lane and local offer, like e.g. information on Heaven Cellar in Kronberg, the World of Sparkling Wine in Gstetten or projects of art in Falkenstein. It will be possible to get detailed information using the QR code and reference to web sites of the cellar lanes.

More, six staged cellars and press houses in the cellar lane Radyweg in Poysdorf will serve as excursion cellars. The visitors will get detailed information on history and meaning of cellar lanes („Schichten und Geschichten / Tales and Stories“), on Poysdorf wine makers and wine growers („Portraits of Wine Makers and Wine Growers“), they will enjoy the wine cellar with all their senses („Bilderschlummer / Association Game“) and they will also test the acoustic in the cellar („Klangerwecken / Tone Game“) or they will be immortalised in loess („The Loess Book of Visitors “).

It will also be possible to make a virtual visit to cellar lanes on web sites and to make localisation using 2D and 3D maps. There will also be published a complete offer of commented excursions and feasts of cellar lanes.

More, the web site will provide more details on history and meaning of cellar lanes, various dialectic (specialised) expressions and on architecture of cellar lanes. The visitors will read various stories and jokes on cellar lanes, former wine growers and makers, on the cellar cat and work in cellar.

The augmented reality will allow you to see via your clever phone or tablet directly on site where it is possible to find the cellar lanes with various attractions or an offer of excursions with a guide.

For complete information see www.weiviertel.at.

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