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Dolní Věstonice

Title: Dolní Věstonice
Description: Viticultural area with many Renaissance and Baroque houses and picturesque wine cellars. A world-famous settlement of mammoth hunters was discovered in the vicinity; the most famous artefact is the statuette of the Venus of Věstonice. A Baroque building of the former town hall contains an archaeological exhibition with a model of a prehistoric settlement, a model of the Venus of Věstonice, implements and decorations. A starting point for the Pálava protected landscape area.
E-mail: ou.dolnivestonice@iol_cz
Web URL: www.obecdolnivestonice.cz
Contact person:
Phone: 519 517 630
Fax: 519 517 630
Address: č.p. 67, Dolní Věstonice
GPS: 48°53'10.819"N 16°38'28.787"E
Opening hours:

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