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OREA Hotel Iris

Title: OREA Hotel Iris
Description: The hotel is situated amidst pictorial landscape of South Moravia, in the viticultural village of Pavlov, on the banks of water reservoirs of Nové Mlýny, which are the largest water expanse in Moravia and a frequented centre of fisching and water sports, at the foot of hills of Pavlov which are a UNESCO biosheric reserve.
E-mail: hotel.iris@vasstav_cz
Web URL: https://www.orea.cz/iris
Contact person: Lenka Miklošková
Phone: 519515310
Fax: 519515314
Address: Lužní 215, Pavlov, 692 01
GPS: 48°52'28.172"N 16°40'19.477"E
Opening hours:
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