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Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem

default_foto_logo.png Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem is a picturesque village in the Slovácko region, at the foothills of White Carpathians.  According to folk legends, the local wines were supplied to Prague and Vienna as early as in the 13 th century according to preserved records and even prince Svatopluk drunk it.


The cellar alley

Many well-known varieties were grown here for centuries. At the present time, the most popular and best quality varieties include Burgundy wines and that is why local vineyards are sometimes called the Burgundy of Moravia.

Blatnice has an original culture and history. The most important events include the Saint Anton´s day held every year on the first Sunday following the St. Anton´s Day as well as some other small saint´s days at various occasions.

The complex of cellars Stará hora in the location Pod Svatým Antonínkem commemorates the times when hands of builders were driven by humility and sense of the purpose of the building. As from the end of the 18th century there was gradually developed a complex of ground-floor press houses with cellars, nowadays being a listed monument of folk architecture. As stone was a rear material in Blatnice area, the press houses were originally built of compacted clay in wooden gratings, mixed with small stones and hardened with large stones in edges. Later, the material was replaced with non-burnt brick.



You can see copies of Blatnice cellars in the Museum of South-East Moravian Village in Strážnice.


Guild of Blatnice wine growers and makers – www.vinariblatnice.cz


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