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Dolní Bojanovice

default_foto_logo.png The village of Dolní Bojanovice lies in the fertile land of South Moravia, in wine-growing Dolnomoravský úval, 8 km to the west of Hodonín. The village of Dolní Bojanovice used to be and still it is popular thanks to excellent wine.


The cellar alley

Mainly the Rhine Riesling of Bojanovice used to be supplied to the emperor´s manor house in Vienna. A document from 1738 prohibited any adulteration of the Riesling from Bojanovice. Two manor cellars were built in the upper part of the village in the 17th century. They belong to the largest ones in Bohemia and Moravia. The legend in Dolní Bojanovice says that some wine cellars in the village used to be interconnected by underground corridors with the neighbouring village of Čejkovice.

The wine cellars used to lie in the north-west end of the village as early as in 1656 and they originally created an independent cellar colony. In the course of the village development in 19th and 20th centuries some press houses with cellars were re-built into \residential houses and the village developed up to the shelters. Nowadays, the press houses with cellars in Bojanovice create several lanes in locations V Předních and Pod Čaganovem. Even the owners of Hodonín manor had their shelter in the village in the 17th century. It is not possible any more to find any cellars without press houses |or the original clay shelters with thatched roofs in the village any more. Most of the shelters were re-built in the course of the 20th century.


A really unique habit of the wine growers and makers from Bojanovice is called „Zarážání hory" and the vintage feast. „Hora" is a stick about 4 m high, with a bottle of wine and a garland with a sanctified bouquet on the top. The „stick" warns the people from a large distance that nobody is allowed to enter the vineyards at the time of grapes ripening. After the feast finishing, the wine growers and makers offer wine for guests to taste. The vintage feast starts by opening the vineyards – the stick removal. Symbolically, this is held one week after the feasts.

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Přehlídka vín místních vinařů 24.3.-24.3.2018 ( 24.03.2018 )
Den otevřených sklepů Dolní Bojanovice ( 8.06.2019 - 8.06.2019 23:59 )
Místní výstava vín obce Dolní Bojanovice ( 23.03.2019 - 23.03.2019 23:59 )
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