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mutenice_9429.jpg The geographical position of the village with large areas of vineyard slopes – that is why Mutěnice can be called the heart of the wine region. The wine cadastre of Mutěnice is divided into five wine lanes: Vyšicko, Mutěnská hora, Úlehle, Hraničky and Dubňanská hora.


The cellar alley

The people in the village are really hard-working and sons inherit the traditions of their fathers, nearly everyone owns a vineyard and a wine cellar there. The rarity of Mutěnice is the location with nearly five hundred wine cellars in the village part called „Búdy“.

Búdy in Mutěnice – it is a cellar location in the village border, below the Mutěnice vineyards. Nearly 600 families work in their cellars there. The individual cellars are of different age and type. You can find there picturesque cellars of our grandfathers as well as up-to-date cellars with complete equipment, tasting rooms, rest points as well as accommodation. A typical feature of most of the Mutěnice cellars is the entry front called „Žůdro“ and traditional painting with Slovácko ornaments or scraped finish. An important regional artist Jano Kohler decorated cellar No. 300 with the construction elements. Characteristic decoration elements of the Mutěnice complex are the plant and figural motifs on cellar fronts. Local folk artist Ján Lacko scratched them in plaster on red and brown base.

The wine growers and makers from Mutěnice followed their own law for centuries. Any breach of the law – e.g. theft of wine – lead to very strict punishment. The wrong-doer could have lost his hand or even his head. In 1725 there was established the oldest registration book in Mutěnice, where all and any transfers of vineyards were recorded.

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www.mutenice.cz – section Vinařství / Viticulture

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