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petrov_sklepy_21.jpg Petrov is known mainly by a unique complex of original wine cellars - Plže, declared a folk architecture preserve in 1983.


The cellar alley

An important monument of the village is the Chapel of Our Lady with ornamental decorations typical for Slovácko region. The impressive folk building guards entry to one of the most valuable complexes of wine buildings in Moravia. The wine cellars in Plže were mentioned as early as in the 15th century. Later, the underground cellars „plže“ served for wine storage as well as a hiding place from war. The name of the location comes from the shape of the cellars, dug in soft yellow clay and hardened with stone vaults, probably developed at the time of vineyards planting. These are buildings of a ground cellar type, without press houses – a square room behind the brick front was usually used as a press house. The fronts are the main art and aesthetic elements of the cellars in Petrov. They were built in a uunique style as from the 16th century. The art style is dominated by architectonic elements of Baroque shapes with an extreme arch above the vaulted entry to the entry section of the cellar. White lime paint with blue underpinning and oak wood door strengthen the aesthetic effects. When the underpinning of the cellar is red instead of blue, it means that they have not only good wine, but also a daughter to be married.


You can reach Petrov by water – Baťa´s channel goes through the village

Further information:

Petrov Municipality – www.obec-petrov.cz

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