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Mikulov Wine Region

The vineyards below the Pálava hills have a long tradition. As soon as in the 3rd century, the vineyards were established by the Roman legions. Further significant development of the viticulture in the region was recorded in the Great Moravian era. In the 13th century, the regions of Mikulov and Valtice became a part of the Lichtenstein family manor and wine trade was one of the main sources for living. The conditions for wine growing are ideal in this area, mainly for white grapes. The typical varieties of the area include Riesling, White Rulande or Chardonnay. The varieties Pálava and Aurelius were bread on Perná.

The town of Mikulov, dominated by local castle, has been the wine centre of the region for quite a long time. You can see the exhibition “Wine across the Centuries” or see the largest wine cask in central Europe in the Regional Museum in Mikulov.

The own of valtice is called the capital of wine. There is a Lichtenstein castle the Wine Saloon of the Czech republic in its cellars. There are stored one hundred best wines for tasting and purchase. There are also the headquarters of the oldest wine school and the Museum of Viticulture, gardening and Environment.

In wine villages in Mikulov and Valtice Region you can find many cellar lanes with various cellars and stories. So called TOP cellar lane in the area can be seen in the village of Pavlov. As from June 2013 you will have a chance to visit the exhibition exposition directly in a wine cellar.

The cellar alley

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The old village of Pavlov can be found close to Mikulov, on the route of the Mikulov wine trail and long-distance Moravian Wine Trail, on the banks of Novomlýnská dam.

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Valtice is a town close to Czech Austrian border, in the southern part of the Lednice and Valtice complex. Valtice is popular thanks to its beautiful castle, developed...

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Dolní Dunajovice

The village is one of the oldest settlements in Moravia; it belongs to the Mikulov wine sub-area. The rich history of the village is confirmed by numerous archaeological...

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The village of Březí can be found in Mikulov wine sub-area and local vineyards are one of the hottest locations in the south of Moravia. The wine buildings in Březí were...

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Mikulov and its surroundings belong to traditional wine centres. The geographical location, climate and variability of soils in Mikulov wine sub-area with limestone slopes of...

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Dolní Věstonice

The village Dolní Věstonice can be found to the north of Pavlovské Hills, approximately 10 km to the north of Mikulov, on the southern bank of Novomlýnské dams. Wine making...

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The village close to Valtice is a part of the Mikulov wine sub-area. The village location invites you for a trip to Lednice and Valtice complex with many castles and...

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Formerly a town, the old village of Novosedly can be found in Břeclav district, in the flat valley alluvium, on the right bank of the Dyje River, to the south of Drnholec, in...


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