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Dolní Dunajovice

default_foto_logo.png The village is one of the oldest settlements in Moravia; it belongs to the Mikulov wine sub-area. The rich history of the village is confirmed by numerous archaeological findings.


The cellar alley

Dolní Dunajovice is proud of many memorials, including the church of St. George and the rectory from the 16th century. At the time of its maximal boom, the grape vine was grown in nearly one quarter of lands and even now it is one of the largest wine villages. The conditions for vine growing are really ideal here, mainly for white wines.

The complex of vaults U cihelny can be found to the west of the village, at the Dunajovické hills foothills. The colony offers a panorama view of the massive of Pavlovské hills. There is the lower line of vaults, the upper line of vaults plus three cellars in the former brick factory location. In total, there are some 30 wine buildings with their long and sloping structures leading to wide and high corridors deep underground. The village colony Na sklepech consists of approximately ten vaults of different age. A typical feature of the wine buildings is the central buttress, which is not only an effective artificial elements, but it protects entry to the vault as well.


Czech Association of Gardeners / Český zahrádkářský svaz Dolní Dunajovice



Přehlídka otevřených sklepů 5.5.-6.5.2018 ( 5.05.2018 - 6.05.2018 )
Letní otevřené sklepy - Dolní Dunajovice a Březí 2.7.-2.9.2018 ( 2.07.2018 - 2.09.2018 )
Tradiční krojované hody - Dolní Dunajovice ( 24.08.2018 14:00 - 26.08.2018 23:55 )
Letní slavnosti vína ( 4.08.2018 14:00 - 4.08.2018 23:59 )
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