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Pavlov.JPG The old village of Pavlov can be found close to Mikulov, on the route of the Mikulov wine trail and long-distance Moravian Wine Trail, on the banks of Novomlýnská dam.


The cellar alley

The village Pavlov on the east foothills of Děvín, the highest hill of Pálava (550 m above sea level) is popular thanks to wine, monuments and archaeology. As soon as in the 15th century, Pavlov was the biggest wine village of the Mikulov manor. The richness of local wine makers is proved by imposing wine vaults with Baroque fronts. The local wine shop recently open in municipality building proves the fact that the local wine traditions are really alive. Other interesting monuments include many farm houses in the village green, the Church of St. Barbora or baroque cemetery. High above the village you can see the most popular local monument - the Děvičky castle ruins. Pavlov is also recorded in the textbooks of archaeology. There were found really rich archaeological sites of discovery, proving habitation as early as in the mammoth hunters´ era. Recently, Pavlov is also popular thanks to local nature and water recreation. Pavlov is located in the territory of protected landscape area Pálava and in the close vicinity of the third Novomlýnská dam.

Pavlov is one of the oldest wine villages in Moravia. Nowadays,  Pavlov belongs to Mikulov wine sub-area. Grapes are grown here by integrated production, i.e. in an environment – friendly way. Bio-wine is also manufactured here. Experts appreciate mainly original fruit freshness of Pavlov wines, their aromatic and flavoured character caused by unique limestone soils at the Pálava foothills. As far as varieties are concerned, the white wines prevail.

Vault Lane, Baroque Wine Village

An integral part of the Pavlov settlement is a unique set of one-storey wine houses above vaults, inhabited by owners of small vineyards in the past. Characteristic features of the wine houses frequently include a niche for a saint-s statue – usually a statue of St. Urban, a patron of wine makers. The wine houses above vaults with renaissance and Baroque cores can be found mainly along Česká street and the street Na Cimbuří, to the west of the village green.

The Pavlov village green – a former home of rich wine makers - and adjacent streets Česká and Na cimbuří are unique demonstrations of village Baroque. Česká streets is also a unique document of the development of vineyard buildings. At the vineyard foothills below the Děvičky castle ruins, you can see simple vault fronts with large ground floor press rooms next to colourful fronts of noble farm buildings. The imposing houses above vaults with press houses and large cellars were built by local rich farmers in Mikulov townsmen style as from the 17th century. The complex of wine houses above vaults in Česká street represents a complex of unique architectonic and urban value and that is thy it was pronounced the village monumental reservation together with the historical centre of Pavlov.

Two vaults below the town hall offer a unique opportunity for wine tasting. You can find the wine archive there as well as a place where to sit and taste the best wines of Pavlov wine makers. The history of Pavlov viticulture includes even a reconstructed screw press from 1851. It can be found in the upper part of the village, on the route of the Moravian Wine Trail rising up to Klentnice.

Information source – wine village Pavlov:

www.otevrene-sklepy-pavlov.cz – web site of the association of Pavlov wine makers Vinitores Palaviensis.

Contact persons:

ing. Pavel Krška, Chairman, e-mail: pavel@krska_com (pavel@krska_com)
Village wine shop Pavlov – tel.+420 733 791 041
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