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default_foto_logo.png The village of Březí can be found in Mikulov wine sub-area and local vineyards are one of the hottest locations in the south of Moravia. The wine buildings in Březí were built in several locations in the suburbs of the village in the course of previous centuries.


The cellar alley

The cellar complex in the village includes approximately one hundred cellars and there are four separate colonies, the oldest of them being probably the complex Pod kaštany. Spay press buildings were built above the old ground vaults – they were built below the surface level due to timber presses. The colony also includes an original Haban vault. A beautiful cellar complex called U rybníka can be found at the western edge of the village, close to former pond. Most of the above-ground wine buildings were built in a quiet place in the 20´s of the previous century and they represent one of the most effective vault complexes. The neighbouring Sklepní street offers several cellars (not typical for the village) as well as an attractive opportunity to taste local wines.

The point of interest of the village is the Church of John the Baptist, built in Roman style, without decorations. It was dedicated in 1862 and it is subject to monument protection – similarly to the rectory with gate and a farm building. The pendant in the church dates back probably to 1860. This is probably the largest pendant of its kind in the country. It is 4 m high, the lower ring diameter is 2 m. It is made of 13.684 glass crystal pendants.

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