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26_Valtice.jpeg Valtice is a town close to Czech Austrian border, in the southern part of the Lednice and Valtice complex. Valtice is popular thanks to its beautiful castle, developed viticulture and tourism.


The cellar alley

The castle of Valtice used to be a spectacular residence of the Lichtenstein family. 

Valtice and wine. These two items are inseparable just for centuries. A prestigious exhibition called Valtice Wine Fair and Valtice Wine Tasting are very popular. The Wine Salon of the Czech Republic – a permanent exhibition of 100 best wines of the CR - can be found in the castle cellars. The castle also houses the National Wine Centre headquarters. Secondary School of Viticulture and Wine Academy of Valtice – these two institutions annually prepare hundreds of students and sommeliers for the wine professions.

The Valtice wine is manufactured, improved and stored in more than five hundred and fifty cellars. Most of large press houses and imposing wine houses that used to be found in the centre of the town were destroyed by large fires in 18th and 19th centuries. There were preserved just a few wine houses – the most valuable of them being nearly untouched gable building in Kopečná street No. 49, one of a very few preserved from the fire. So called Cross Cellar is the largest cellar in Valtice. There are more than 500 cellars in Vinařská, Sklepní, Josefská, Růžová and Polní street, used mainly by small wine makers. There prevail one-floor press houses with cellars with various architectonic articulations of fronts. The centuries-old cellars consist of stone retaining walls and brick vaults. The oldest cellars´ vaults are of worked limestone blocks.

The town of Valtice can be found on the route of the Mikulov cycling trail. The wine nature trail partially goes through the town of Valtice and the castle park, but mostly through the vineyards below Reistna. You can pass the five-kilometre route on foot or by bicycle. The route includes 19 information panels in three language versions.

Further information:

Valtice Wine Makers / Vinaři Valtice  www.vinarivaltice.cz

National Wine Centre / Národní vinařské centrum  www.vinarskecentrum.cz


Letní hudbobraní ve Valtickém Podzemí 6.7.-6.7.2018 ( 6.07.2018 )
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