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default_foto_logo.png The village of Hovorany lies in an important wine area of Dolnomoravský úval and it is characterised by production of high-quality wines. The establishment document of the village already contains the first records of wine growing. Nowadays, more than 200 hectares of southern slopes in the village cadastre are covered with vine.


The cellar alley

The wine cellars are divided into 3 locations: Na Benátkách, Hluboká cesta, Břehy. The village of Hovorany lies in a valley and the sloping hills were used for digging cellars for ages. That is why there is not any historical cellar lane in the village – all the farmers had their cellars behind their houses. The cellar lanes in Hovorany are quite young compared to other villages – they were built as late as in the second half of the previous century. But they are very nice and well treated – mainly the lane called Hluboká cesta, a part of the Mutěnice wine trail.

The oldest cellar lane in the village is called Benátky, built after WWII. The cellar buildings mirror in the water level of local pond and they put the finishing touches of its surroundings picturesqueness. From the point of view of history, typology and age of cellars, the most valuable wine buildings in Hovorany are the one-floor press houses with a granary, at the road to Šardice. The large one-floor buildings with rectangular fronts were built out of the village at the time when the church was the first building of the village. So it is possible to suppose that they were built in the mid of the 19th century.                                                        


One of the most interesting legends in Hovoraty speaks about the field road from Hovorany to Karlín, called Jezovítky. Allegedly, the Jesuits used to have a monastery there, owning even the surrounding fields and vineyards. There was a lot of gold and silver in the monastery and many casks of excellent wine in monastery cellars. And the legend says that if there is a poor crop of grapes in Hovorany, Jezovítky will open, the largest cask will crack and the wine will bring out the treasures. And there will also appear more casks of wine, hidden in Jezovítky for the poorer times.

Further information:

Association of wine growers and makers from Hovorany / Spolek Hovoranských vinařů, o.s. - https://www.vinozhovoran.cz/


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