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DSC02451.JPG The village of Bořetice can be found in the ups and downs at the foothills of Ždánický les. Kraví hory are the most popular location – the hills of fertile vineyards go up the numerous lines of wine cellars.


The cellar alley

Interesting surroundings with many treated cycling tracks are ideal for tourism.

The first records of wine growing and making in the village date back to 1355. The winegrowing was significantly affected by Habans who stayed in the village in 1545–1605 and they had a wine cellar in houses No. 13 and 71. The names of wine lanes were preserved unchanged as from the medieval era and they were always Czech: Dolní and Vrchní Kraví hora, Kácary, Olbramy, Hora Dlouhý, Hora Bočky and Novosády.

The most frequently grown varieties include Riesling, Green Veltline,  Neuburg and Müller Thurgau. There are also grown high-quality red wines Blue Portugal, St. Lawrence, Frank and others.

There are more than twenty cellars directly in the village, the oldest of them dating back to the 16th century. The wine dominant of the village of Bořetice is a picturesque village of wine cellars Pod Kraví horou, located approximately 500 m to the north-west of the village. There are some 260 cellars. The cellars are built in two main „lanes“ (Horní and Dolní Frejd), lying one above the other. From the urban point of view, this is an excellent demonstration of wine architecture. Dozens of wine cellars, one next to each other, line the common wine lane and they simultaneously represent their owners. Dozens of years of construction adjustments undoubtedly affected the appearance of cellars in the location – more or less negatively or positively. Do not search for traditional cellar fronts in Bořetice, but you can find a few well-preserved buildings there. But the point of interest of cellars in Bořetice – that is the life and offer to tourists.

On 12 November 2000, the local wine growers and makers established a jive-ass „Independent Republic of Kraví hora“ with their own government and president, organising wine, cultural and jive-ass events. The „republic of wine growers and makers “ has its headquarters in a wine cellar (reg. No. 199). In 2003, a chapel dedicated to the patron of wine growers and makers St. Urban was built in Vinckovo square, Kraví Hora. Nowadays, the St. Urban protects them. Another interesting point is the statue of Wine Yeast. The republic issued even its own passports, post stamps or its own currency.

Further information:

Independent republic of Kraví hora - www.republikakravihora.cz


Krajem vína - Expedice Krajem André 23.6.-23.6.2018 ( 23.06.2018 )
Za víny s originální certifikací spolku VOC Modré Hory ( 4.07.2019 - 7.07.2019 )
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