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Velké Bílovice

velke_bilovice_49_belgrady.jpg Velké Bílovice is the largest wine village in the Czech Republic. The vineyards occupy some 800 hectares there. In the direction of Čejkovice you can find an extensive complex of wine cellars consisting of 37 streets, 3 small squares and 650 cellars in total.


The cellar alley

The local wine growing and making was significantly affected by Habans – their common cellar can be found at the road to Čejkovice.

The complex of cellars including more than 650 mainly one-floor inhabitable press rooms is separated by Bílovice Stream from the village and it consists of three part, nowadays interconnected with the housing development: Půrynky, Pod předníma and the most popular one - Belegrady. The Velké Pavlovice wine trail leads from cellars in Belegrady among the vineyards to the mythic hill Hradištěk, with a chapel of St. Urban, St. Wenceslas and St. Cyril and Method.

In the mid of the 18th century, the village housed only four subjective and six seisin cellars, fifty years later as many as thirty cellars. In the second half of the 19th century, the complex expanded into three U-shaped lines. In Belegrady, there is a special eaves orientation of nearly one half of the cellars, further strengthening the feelings of a separate village. The construction of New Belegrady started along the road to Čejkovice in the 40´s of the 20th century.


There is a nature trail leading through the Bílovice vineyards.

Further information:

Associations of wine growers and makers from Velké Bílovice: Velkobílovičtí vinaři o.s. and Spolek velkobílovických vinařů – www.velkebilovice.com


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