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cejkovice_sklepy_21.jpg The first records of the village are connected with the knight order of Templars. In the mid of the 13 th century, the Templars built a Gothic fortress and extensive 650 m long cellars, one of the largest in our country.


The cellar alley

The picturesque vineyards on the hills around the village include mainly the lanes Šuby, Růžený, Čtvrtě and Odměrky at the bee house and they are dominated mainly by blue varieties of grapes. .

The cellar buildings do not create a continuous development, but they are scattered on small hills between the houses, mainly in the eastern part of the village. The traditional centre is a lane rising up from the road from Čejč in front of the village green and in the direction of Kopeček. For ages, the wine cellars were built by digging in the clay and sand slopes. At the edge of the paved lane leading up to the Kopeček, you case see an imposing one-floor press house that served as a tithe cellar. It reminds of the work obligation of the vassals and on tithe obligations in the form of wine.

Another interesting location of Čejkovice is the complex of cellars with press houses located next to the cycling track in the direction of Vrbice. The press house No. 77 is a listed monument.

Further information:

Čtvrtečníci, association of wine growers and makers – www.vinozcejkovic.cz


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