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kobyli_44.jpg Kobylí is placed in a picturesque and downy countryside. The well-treated slopes produce mainly grapes, apricots and peaches. Kobylí is the fourth largest village of the wine area of Velké Pavlovice.


The cellar alley

The slopes around the former Kobylské lake are very suitable for various red and white wine varieties.

Lines of wine cellars are a traditional architectonic element in Kobylí. We can find there a few remaining original wooden presses. It is a tradition to have one´s own wine cellar and to meet friends there drinking a glass of excellent wine. While going through the village do not miss the old cellars – some of them belong to listed objects. Press rooms No. 444 and 530 date back to about 1800, you can find Křižák´s cellar in the street called Baráky. Svoboda´s cellar can be found in the street of Augusta Šebestová. Architectonically original is also the Pekařík´s cellar V kútku.

Another wine cellar lane is so called Suchořádská zmola. In the lower part of the complex you can see an old wooden press, a present to the village by the local citizen Ludvík Vrbas. Another wine press from Kobylí of 1830 can be seen in Regional Museum in Mikulov.

Further information:

Vinaři z Kobylí o.s. – Association of wine growers and makers of the village Kobylí na Moravě – www.vinarizkobyli.cz


Krajem vína - Expedice Krajem André 23.6.-23.6.2018 ( 23.06.2018 )
Zarážení hory Kobylí ( 31.08.2019 - 31.08.2019 23:59 )
Regionální výstava vín Kobylí ( 9.03.2019 - 9.03.2019 23:59 )
28. Výstava vín Kobylí ( 9.03.2019 - 9.03.2019 23:59 )
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