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Nový Šaldorf-Sedlešovice

DSC02261_1.JPG When arriving to Nový Šaldorf - Sedlešovice, you visit three villages in fact: Starý Šaldorf, Nový Šaldorf and Sedlešovice. All the villages – nowadays being a part of one village – were built close to the Dyje River wades, separating current Nový Šaldorf - Sedlešovice from the town of Znojmo.


The cellar alley

The village is one of the most important wine villages in the Znojmo region and in Moravia as a whole. You can find two wine lanes there. The longer one is called Blue cellars and it can be found in Nový Šaldorf, the shorter one is in Sedlešovice.

The centre of the wine colony lies on both sides of the track heading southward, there is a historical timber press from the 18th century. The complex of “blue” cellars is one of the largest in Znojmo region. More than 180 wine buildings occupy the area of nine hectares and they create a cellar square 800 meters long. The secrets of the listed complex Blue Cellars is hidden underground. The material of subsoil, where cellars are dug, contains sand stone with layers of blue – gray clay, creating a feeling of bluish decoration of cellar interiors. Even the technology of cellars digging is special – they were gradually dug in length and width. Except for the „blue“ cellars, the location also includes buildings with vaults of burnt brick.

There are press houses in Nový Šaldorf, connected in pairs, each of them with an independent entry, vault and press. Such connected press rooms are usually owned by two relative families, usually a father and a son. The varicoloured plasters are usually smooth, with typical combination of granular plaster and fine sections around doors and windows, which is typical for cellars in Znojmo region. The older press rooms with historical and architectonic value can be found mostly on the right side of the complex, while the new wine buildings to the left of the road provide more comfort and frequently even catering and accommodation.


The Association of Grape Goat Friends strives for rebirth of wine habits. The interest group of wine and history friends draws on the stories of pre-war inhabitants of the village and based on co-operation with local wine growers and wine makers they restore habits and rituals connected mainly with the character of the Grape Goat.

Further information:

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