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satov_malovany_sklep_15.jpg Šatov is a village betrothed to wine. Six wine routes cover the area of 260 hectares; Green Veltline and Rhine Riesling prosper mainly in the locations Na vinici, V remízku, Šibeničky, U bunkru and Skalka.


The cellar alley

A steep route in an amphitheatre shape leads up to the state border and it is called Hell / Peklo. It is favourable mainly for Müller-Thurgau grapes – the full wines get unrepeatable muscatel aroma in this location.

The centre of the village includes 38 houses in classicist and historicist style. Behind the north croft road there are many press rooms with wine cellars, some of them of high architectonic and construction values. The province monument zone was declared in 1995, including the centre of the village and so called Cellar Lane (Sklepní ulice) and Winter Lane (Zimní ulice). The pavements and the road preserved its original character – they are made of so called Šatov paving.

Ground floor and single-floor press rooms of Šatov cellars can be found in the whole village. The wine centre with architectonically and construction valuable cellars includes the Cellar Lane (Sklepní ulice) and Winter Lane (Zimní ulice). You will be brought there by the Moravian Wine Track between vineyards from Havraníky or down the long hill from the Austrian border. Most of the buildings were built of burnt brick on stone base, some press rooms were built of stone and soil or based on rarely preserved technology of clay bricks. Stones and bricks line the doors and windows and they act as a decorative element of press room front. Strong doors or gates are made of thick boards with hand-made hinges and gratings, similarly as windows. The wide and vaulted gates allowed carts with loads of grapes to enter the press rooms.

The most popular objects of Šatov include the Moravian Cellar and the Wine Barn and Painted Cellar built in sand stone hill above Šatov. It is unique thanks to decorations with colourful paintings of a folk artist Maxmilian Appeltauer. An educational vineyard of old varieties behind the Brue cellar includes 19 varieties grown by our ancestors.

Further information:

Association of wine growers and makers Šatov – www.vinarisatov.cz

Šatov village – www.obecsatov.cz

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