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default_foto_logo.png Just for more than three hundred years, the popular village of Vrbovec close to Znojmo is surrounded with vineyards. There is an attractive or even exotic cellar lane for tourists, attracting them from a distance thanks to low houses with saddle roofs lined with firebrick.


The cellar alley

Vrbovec is the largest wine village in Znojmo wine sub-region and it takes an imaginary ninth position from the point of view of size among all the other wine villages in the Czech Republic.

The complex of 260 wine buildings can be found to the west of the village, below the wine lane Nad sklepy. The valuable and incredibly preserved complex of ground floor press houses in Vrbovec consists of a one-sided lane with terraced lines of cellars behind the road. The ground floor gable-oriented press houses of rectangular ground plan are separated by narrow lanes, the colourful and art form of building fronts proofs the time of their origin. There are purposeful and harmonic effects of the contrasts of smooth lime-cast walls and plastically shaped red bricks lining the windows and door vaults. Fair face brickwork frequently put stress on building corners and fronts. Doors of press houses from the period before WW II document the craft skills, fancy and art imaginativeness.

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