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default_foto_logo.png The village can be found 10 km to the south of Znojmo, close to the state border with Austria. In the surroundings of the village, you can find the Natural Park Podyjí and vineyards.


The cellar alley

Thanks to unspoiled countryside and high-quality wine, the village is a point of interest for tourists more and more frequently. Legendary vineyard Šobes can be found close to Hnanice - a tasting stand with wines can be found there in summer.

Records from 1820 stated for the village to include more than 100 cellars. The same number applies even today. The wine cellars were built at the edges of current or formed vineyards and they gradually created a complex along both of the sides of the road in the south-west part of the village. The lane includes even so called Raven Colony, connecting wine tourism with cycling. Most of the cellars were excavated under the ground level and bricked up or stoned. From the point of view of old building forms preservation, the vineyard buildings in the village rank among unique proofs of technologies used in previous centuries. The prevailing construction materials include clay and stone. Hand-hammered simple grates in windows attract attention thanks to product quality as well as art feelings of the local blacksmith. The cellar premises create a complicated system of ins and outs, complex corridors with frequent niches built for big barrels with wine.


Undoubtedly it is worth to see the massive and highly aesthetic wooden doors of cellars – a presentation of excellent carpentry. The doors are rugged by vertically, horizontally, diagonally or sideways laid boards, fastened by hand-hammered studs. The boards frequently create X-braces (St. Andrew´s crosses). They are painted with green or brown colour.

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